Human earth

Our relationship with the human earth

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Human earth


Wanted or not, we are joined to our planet.

It doesn't matter if an important aggrupation restricts it.

The memory of civilization will be an obstacle or history will approaches and religion, idealism or even the lack of them deny it.

Scienty knowledge or technological isolation prevent it.

Or for a number of additional reasons, whatever you want or whoever you imagine.

This is a connection made since we born as human beings. A good one which we will never be able to broke just because we are beings linked to water, to air and earth. We are a bit of this extraordinary system.

Some years ago, when I watched Avatar film, I could see clarity how those creatures who live in that weird world were connected with an invisible entity which represented the soul and energy of their mother planet which they lived daily with a certain degree of brotherhood; wonderful harmony. The associations that occurred among all of them are made with extraordinary force without relying on external parties. Simply the whole system worked with a balance among species and beings that are in that world.

Humanity have forgotten it, then social groups, economic and political systems and even religion work for their own purpose that, in this way marginalized all those associations between individual or group, various living beings and our physical environment. This point of view shows an unbalanced which is made by the aforementioned groupings.

Not far back in historyline the human race, holding different thoughts about life, had a similar view of the environment around them. In such a way they used it without damaging it, always keeping in mind, sometimes unconsciously, respect for mother earth and her natural laws. So the Europeans, Asians, Africans, Mongols and the aborigines of both Australia and North and South America, felt an extraordinary respect for nature, not only for what they obtained from it, but for its care and the management of what is necessary for their survival.

This very intimate relationship between human race and their environment allowed the development of groups according to their physical environment; using it without damaging it, with the awareness of keeping it to use it again. It was a time when the gods were water, sun and wind, or some plants or animals, always depending on their local importance.

Leaving aside these very important relationships between living beings and our home the respetitive relationship between our race and the environment that surrounds it doesn't exist. We do not feel appreciation or any type of fear, compassion or pain; therefore, we attack it and we finish it off unconsciously for individual and group welfare and for the perpetual enrichment. We don't take into consideration that we devastate not only the Flora, Fauna and Environment, but also destroy eachother, it is supposed we have to attend for its well-being.

Responding to this great attack, our mother earth as a living entity which is in continuous transformation has something prepared to shake off the aggressions to say finally enough is enough.

Let me tell a short story before continue. Forty five years ago there were two cycles, climatically speaking, rain and drought season. When we were in the rainy season, it rained for everywhere almost everytime. When we were in the drought season sun shined as hard than plants usually got golden, also it was bearable to skin. Now, those seasons don't existe and it rains all year round with no order and when it is not, the sun is shining and burning every plant it can, thanks that, people use blocking creams to go out on the street to do anything. Forty five years ago, astronomically speaking, I was walking to my high school in the morning. From February to July the sun appeared to the east inclined to the north, and between the months of August to January it continued to appear as always to the east, but inclined to the south which allowed to feel cold from the end of November to the beginning of February. Today, it is not the same and the feeling of cold was displaced for two months at the beginning of the last days of December and ending in March or the beginning of April. This observation caught my attention, so after a while I was very interested on it.

Despite all amount scientific knowledge this topic is not interesting to people who know what it is happening. People have been doing nothing about this. It looks like hidden forces behind the media handle the reaction of this phenomenon with concern, therefore they do not let people know about this.

We don't understand the more our mother earth trembles more fragile our civilization is. Earthquakes that exceed the measurement scales, sleeping volcanoes that awaken and cover hundreds of kilometers with its mantle of dark gray ash, huge waves of tsunamis which destroy what they find and hurricanes of such a broad spectrum that its pinwheel arms span hundreds of kilometers around their axis. This is just something about the response of the planet.

But that is not all. There are also the pests that feed and spread through human beings, such as Cholera in 1910; the Spanish Flu in 1918; AIDS since 1960; or Ebola in Africa and Chikungunya in America in 2013; and recently the Covid-19.

Last but not least, the vibrational evolution of the system. We, who consider ourselves like the favorite children of this world, see a dangerous generalized riot approaching. Initiated this kind of human and planetary revolt on a large scale in countries of the Middle East with long-lived structures of strong and rigorous religious roots; part of southern africa with transitional governments, mixed religions and tribal conflicts. Closely followed by a convulsive Europe and Latin America which seem to give way and break into pieces due to extreme movements, and for the United States of North America which from coast to coast marches and protests. Everything suggests that only a small action in some corner of the globe could ruined everything. We could add to the planetary mess the expiration of the social, political and economic systems that dominate one region or another. We have come a long way in many areas of knowledge, but... Do we really understand how this complex system that manages everyone's life works?. We understand its main relationships. We perceive as humans that we are only a small part of the system, and the saddest thing is we look like the virus that makes its sick.

I could tell we have something similar to Avatar film since our planet is connected with us, more than we could imagine. The living earth revelates such folly and abuse that is made on it and manages what happens to us.

Would this be casual?... Or everything is connected, trying to return to the lost balance or creating a new one.


Jl Furió.

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